“Today digital identification is based on indirect assertion of Identity. Until a direct assertion [solution] is available it [digital identification] will just be an informed guess.” – Dr. Daniel R. Ford, CTO/CIO, 1st Source Bank


Existence Makes a Difference



Browsers are tools that content mines and reports data back to its creator. Browsers require authentication based on indirect assertion of identity. Spying and guessing are not secure.



No Websites

Websites are public. There is nothing about a person’s financial or medical data that is public. Providing a website portal to anyone other than a customer, patient or employee makes it open for attack.




The Aura, a physical device, creates and maintains a serialized operating environment which directly connects to a Secure Service Provider and verifies existence every  2 seconds.


Physical Presence Technology

A digital body for the digital world.

Meets  Authentication Guidance

In 2001 the FFIEC and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve published “Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment”. The guidance requires “Multi-Factor Authentication”, NOT Multi-Step data gathering Authentication. No consumer can act responsibly online when an alleged secure service provider is not following guidance.

What is Presence?

noun: presence: “the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.”

In the real world a human body is present for authentication. Physical Presence Technology is a digital body for the digital world creating presence in the cyber world.

Multi Factor properly deployed

Physical Presence Technology is browser-less and does not use website portals. This removes public access to secure services. The only people that need access to a banks portal are their customers.

The Aura creates a browser-less secure operating environment that is integrated into the secure services environment. The Aura is part of a unified process merging the key, endpoint, server and communication into a single interdependent process. The methodology divides the process between the secure services provider and the Aura. The endpoint is placed on the Aura.

First Commercial Deployment

Secure Aura has licensed and is delivering the only authentication solution in the financial services community to meet guidance published at the turn of the century.

United States and International Patents

Methods And Systems For Internet Security Via Virtual Software

Methods For Internet Security Via Multiple User Authorization In Virtual Software