Access Control has been ignored up till now, allowing 24/7 access from anywhere in the world to “secure” data..  Access Control comes down to two models:

Passive Access Control - a portal is placed on a public website accessible anytime anywhere by anyone via a browser. Security is engaged after portal interaction. (The current failed cyber solution.)

Active Access Control – a portal is created only when access is required and exists for as long as it is in use via a uniquely serialized token. Security is engaged before the portal is created. (Our solution.)

Our Granted Active Access Control Patent is:

United States U.S. Patent No. 8,074,261, Issued December 6, 2011, Methods And Systems For Internet Security

The world is engaged in a cyber war: it’s time to control the cyber battlefield! We control access to buildings; why don’t we control access to web portals? It’s time for you to:

  •     Seize Access Control
  •     Remove insecure public portals
  •     Educate your users
  •     Provide physical presence identification on the Internet




Cyber Safety Harbor stands ready to remove public access before you are victimized. 


With  a breach every nine minutes, what are you waiting for?