Facebook is accused of “friendly fraud”

The question is: What friends want to be defrauded? Children? Facebook also has a “friendly” relationship with financial institutions and exploited it to complete the theft!

Friendly fraud is a direct result of financial institutions not meeting authentication guidance*. Facebook stored credit card data, deceived children and used data to exploit financial institution’s “trust” to execute thefts!

“Trust but verify” – Ronald Reagan. Every fraudulent charge is a security protocol failure. The trust relationship fails because verification has not risen to published guidance*. Facebook just got caught.

The solution for fraudulent credit card transactions: FOLLOW GUIDANCE! It has been in place since 2001*. Consumers carry financial IDs, they are called a debit or credit card, UPGRADE THEM! Nothing is secure based on trust alone. The failure to PROPERLY verify must be corrected.

NO fraud is “friendly”, it is a crime! Only financial institutions can prevent fraudulent charges, they authorize the transaction and transfer funds. Valid authentication prevents data from being exploited to steal.

Existence Based Access meets guidance.

“Facebook duped kids into spending on games without Mom and Dad knowing, documents reveal”: https://techxplore.com/news/2019-01-facebook-duped-kids-games-mom.html

“Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment”: https://www.ffiec.gov/pdf/authentication_guidance.pdf