MFA, How it Damages Everyone

The reality of MFA; a “Multi” step process, to gather data as a “Factor”, to be transferred for “Authentication”. The marketing definition of MFA, “Multi Factor Authentication”, is untrue.

Cybersecurity was an inconvenience when the Internet was being created. (link in comments) Security was designed and marketed to be “Friction-less” so that it did not interfere with adoption. However, security requires friction. It is the friction that provides security. In the real world, showing a passport is friction that identifies a body. The Internet has proven friction-less security protocols inadequate.

A REAL cybersecurity SOLUTION: analysis, valid security protocols and technology solutions that function as claimed.

Existence is a system where the endpoint, server and communication are unified into a single process. The process is broken into two parts, a device and its environment. When the device comes into contact with the Internet, it connects to its secure environment. When the device is removed, the connection ends. While connected, there is a state-of-existence plus data; true Multi Factor Authentication, at the point-of-authentication.