Should I be present to withdraw money from a digital bank?


Should I be present to withdraw money from a digital bank? This is the question that should drive security. If I am not present, how does the bank know I approve? Change your viewing point and you change your point of view.

An upgraded debit card can create and maintain digital existence. Using existence as a factor permits a bank to verify the customer is present before approving a charge. If a customer is shopping online, is it too much to ask them to be present at the bank for approval?

Existence is the seatbelt for cybersecurity. Seatbelts were rejected because they were…too expensive, disruptive, inconvenient, “people won’t use them”.

Consumers CANNOT act responsibly online without a method to do so! Existence provides a system and methodology to maintain a state-of-existence. In the real world a body creates state-of-existence, an upgraded debit card can also do this digitally. People are always online, presence proves identity.

What digital activity requires proof of presence? This is the starting point for cybersecurity. If secure activity requires presence, existence provides a closed environment where secure activity can be migrated, it is a configuration change.