Existence Technology

The Existence token creates a uniquely serialized virtual secure operating environment that directly  connects to secure services related to the Aura owner. Without an Aura there is no method or location where the public can interact with our secure services. The first security protocol is to limit access to only identified users.

Cyber Safety Harbor created the only technology that creates and maintains a state-of-existence while secure activity is being performed.

The Existence token is device agnostic, installs no software and uses no installed software. The Aura is serialized, hardened and Read-Only. It contains RAM to maintain secure data, has software to create a pristine virtual environment every time and leaves no footprint behind upon removing the Aura.

The process is completely invisible: just plug in the Aura, click on “Start” and enter credentials in the login screen. It cannot get any easier and still meet secure access protocols.

How it works


The Process

  • Insert the Aura: Connect the Aura into an Internet connected computing device. This begins the process of creating presence. While the Aura is connected to a computing device, it is present.
  • Authenticate: The Aura contains the endpoint software. Once executed, a uniquely serialized virtual operating environment is created and the process of maintaining a state-of-existence begins by connecting to a Pre-Authentication server to be validated.
    • Pre-Authentication process:
      • Challenge and response process between the Pre-Authentication server and the Aura
      • Path to the location of secure services is returned to the serialized environment
      • The serialized environment connects to the secure services location
    • Connection to Existence Server:
      • Check connection type, anything other than an Aura operating environment is rejected
      • Services connect to Pre-Authentication server setting up triangulation
      • Serialized environment allows application of role-based protocols prior to loading a login process
  • Perform Secure Activity: starting with an identified individual prior to login allows knowledge data to be validated along with the presence of the Aura
  • Remove Aura key: The removal of the Aura ends the owner’s presence at the secure service provider
  • Secure Environment Vanishes: Once the Aura is removed the serialized virtual operating environment implodes leaving no footprint on the computing device being used.